Multifunctional OFF-Grid-Inverter 1000W ~ 3000W


"All in One" Hybrid Inverter

The new TRUSTEC OFF-grid inverter is characterized by the following facts:

  • Personalized design features to meet different customer´s needs
  • Isolated transformer design, ensure the safty of using electricity
  • Grid purchases
  • Multi-Lingual LCD-Display, easy to operate
  • Efficient battery management, charging current settable
  • Battery reserse alaerm & protection
  • Maximum power yields - high efficiency
  • PV-reverse protection
  • Perfect energy saving mode, no load consumption less than 1%
  • Advanced MPPT-algorithm
  • Staggering power storage and generation
Technical Data
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30.9.2015 TRUSTEC OFFGrid- Inverter EN.p
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