TRUSTEC-Energy GmbH is an experienced company in automotive electrical engineering and solar energy technology. The company's founder Manfred Herrmann, who has been working in the electro-technical field for over 30 years, has brought together the company's technical know-how.


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  • COTEK 230 V Wave Inverter - SE series 350 W, SP series from 700 - 4000 W in 12/24/48 V for TR 40 mains connection and ECU connection, SD series 2500 -3500 W, scalable up to 10 KW, also 3-phase 400 V with integrated mains connection, SC series 1200-2000 W in 12/24 V inverter and charger in one, reliable , trouble-free and clean energy supply over many years
  • COTEK TR 40 mains connection - Electronic network connection very fast (2 / 10ms), connected external mains power always takes precedence
  • TRUSTEC Insulation Monitor - has not been asked in the last 20 years, but the latest safety regulations make it absolutely necessary for every inverter with more than one consumer socket or for outdoor use
  • COTEK Charger - High performance rechargeable battery with 2 outputs for starter and utility battery 12 V from 15-80A, 24V 10-40A
  • DEFA Charger with moisture protection IP 44 - Charging technology of 12- 2 x 35 A
  • DEFA External connectors & cables IP 44/65 - Ideal and highly secure 230V connection technology, smallest external plug (installation only 24mm bore) with closing flap self-closing with encapsulated IP 65 230V connection cable 0.5-10 m
  • TRUSTEC mobile Lithium Battery
  • TRUSTEC DC/DC Converter - for optimal second battery charge, ideal for EURO 6 vehicles
  • TRUSTEC Batteryprotector 100 A - protects the vehicle starting battery from deep discharge, can also be used as a disconnector
  • TRUSTEC Cable sets / energy assembly kits / cable trees for car production -connection cable for inverter and all the above techniques, preassembled devices set with inverter, additional battery, changeover set etc. on a mounting plate
  • TRUSTEC Solar Module -flexible, glued or in brackets, for battery charging or with TRUSTEC E-HYB Multifunction inverter with mains connection and power purchase Option of 1-3 KW
  • Underfloor generator and auxiliary drive - compl. Perfection installation with manufacturer approval, for longer electrical continuous power, we supply complex continuous-duty energy systems up to 10KW - please ask if needed - project planning by TRUSTEC Energy GmbH