TiW - TRUSTEC-Insolation Monitor

provides absolute safety when working outside your vehicle

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The TiW-Iso-Monitor is more than just a residual current circuit breaker.

With the new TiW you increase the electrical safety in your assembly vehicle.


When an inverter / alternator is used in a mobile / portable unit, e.g. In mobile works vehicles, in fire engines, construction vehicles, etc., it is often difficult to ensure safety with grounding. It is, however, imperative for the working person to ensure a high level of safety.


The standard Norm requires the use of AC inverters or a generator to provide sufficient grounding in conjunction with insulation monitoring. The TiW series ensures insulation monitoring that the alternating current voltage of 230V is automatically disconnected as soon as a dangerous situation could occur for the working person.


The TiW-Iso-Monitor - is more than a residual current circuit breaker. The insulation state is continuously measured and displayed in the display. The safety against electric shock is thus guaranteed. In the case of critical insulation conditions - creeping or hard - this patented, unrivaled safety system switches off. The TiW series offers you personal security for all mobile / portable units.



TiW 1 has a plug-in socket and a connection cable with plug and can thus be switched between the inverter and the load - 1 direct 230V load is allowed



TiW 2 is compliant with the VDE regulations. Equipped with 2-pole circuit breaker - several 230V loads allowed



TiW 3 Com  is for the use with an additional external mains connection, alternating-current combi-devices or generator. In this case, it is important to note that an additional protective circuit breaker is installed in accordance with VDE.

With the new TiW you increase the electrical safety in your assembly vehicle.

If there is a generator in larger vehicles, a special TiW should be installed for this purpose.



Technical Data TiW
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