with Grid purchase 

1 KVA to 5 KVA  1phase        -    15 KVA to 30 KVA  3phase

Offgrid S-1212

Offgrid M-1224/48

Offgrid M-3224/48

 Offgrid MS-5048

Offgrid pure sine wave inverter / MPP solar charge controller / network-charging stage / control / LCD display / power switchover



Entire technology function in a single device

Features that speak for themselves:

  • Pure Sine Wave inverter  (single-phase)
  • Wide AC input voltage range (for switching on mainpower or  generator)
  • selectable charge current ranges
  • configurable solar input currents by LCD
  • Mains and generator power compatible (only if solar / battery power too weak / load too high)
  • Auto restart while AC power (automatically switches back to solar energy)
  • Surge short circuit protection
  • Intelligent charger design for optimized battery performance
  • Cold start function of the inverter
  • 5 KVA device scalable-aswell to 400 V with phase shift=3phase up to 30 KW
  • LCD display of the circuit functions and performance with battery capacity
  • 3 years function warranty 
  • Perfection technology is based on proven UPS technology industry
  • Always full separation of own electricity to supply voltage and frequency
  • Thus law to a current reference / consumption system
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