Solar energy directly into the pump or three-phase motor

HOBERTEC pump inverter supplies electric power directly from the solar module to the three-phase water pump or the three-phase motor 400V.
For irrigation systems, swimming pool pumps, municipal and agricultural water systems with very low-cost electricity costs about 8-12 cents, depending on the system size and application.

Fully automatic function in combination with generator, power grid or storage system.

HOBERTEC convinces with the following features:
  • Perfect MPPT Algorithm
  • Automatic detection of the MPP voltage
  • No parameter settings
  • A button for start / stop, setting option of the pump power
  • Regulating the amount of water
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Long lifetime and reliable operation
  • No battery required (water storage replaces battery storage)
  • LED display with function display, runtime, DC in, AC out, volts,
  • Start-/Stop
  • Water level detection in tanks or wells.
  • Optional pressure sensor
  • RS485
  • Optional GPRS control with LCD display
  • Fan
Technical Data
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29.9.15 Trustec Hobertec Solar PumpInver
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